Oh lord, it happened. More than 1.000.000 people have searched for a profile here on STEAMID.CO. Here are some uninteresting, useless numbers. They’re big though. That’s a thing. over 1,5 million pageviews 170.000 pageviews per month 70% of all daily traffic are recurring users over 40% of all users have English as their native tongue German […] Read More >

Ever since creating STEAMID.CO, I wanted it to be something beautiful yet simple. A little over two years have already passed – what a truly amazing journey. But it was time to keep my promises. New features would be introduced and the design and UX would be superior. The design was starting to look a little bit […] Read More >

Whohoo! I am glad to announce that from now on, I am an official partner with G2A.COM. So, what does this mean for you? Spend even less money. Not only can you save up to 90% off all Steam games, you can get yourself some extra discount with my personal G2A discount code. Simply use the coupon “ARNE” […] Read More >

Because of the success of STEAMID.CO, I decided to secretly work on a little project. Currently we are welcoming over 30.000 visitors each month, which in my opinion is a pretty high number. Pretty damn high. As I promised on the release of STEAMID.CO, I’m working on a beautiful steam signature generator. The design is almost finished and […] Read More >

Valve has recently changed the Steam ID format. The new format looks like this: U:1:xxxxxxxx. You can now easily find the new format on our website, located under the Steam64ID. If you are running Sourcebans, you should use the new Steam ID! Steam will continue to use this format. If you have any questions or suggestions […] Read More >