Oh lord, it happened. More than 1.000.000 people have searched for a profile here on STEAMID.CO. Here are some uninteresting, useless┬ánumbers. They’re big though. That’s a thing.

  • over 1,5 million pageviews
  • 170.000 pageviews per month
  • 70% of all daily traffic are recurring users
  • over 40% of all users have English as their native tongue
  • German is the second most popular language (7%)
  • Chrome is the most popular browser, followed by firefox
  • darth vader is your father

Having that said, this calls for a celebration. I could give away some crappy $2 game, but that’s not spectacular. Yolo, hashtag, selfie and all that, I’m giving away a game of YOUR choice. All you need to do is tell me which game. You might find yourself winning something you really want, instead of something I think you want.



Only one winner possible. Winner will be selected randomly. Your e-mail will not be shared with any third party. Give-away ends on 20/01/2016. Winner will receive a personal e-mail from me (Arne). I’ll bring confetti and fake champagne. Good luck!

Giveaway Closed! Thanks for participating! :)