Ever since creating STEAMID.CO, I wanted it to be something beautiful yet simple. A little over two years have already passed – what a truly amazing journey. But it was time to keep my promises. New features would be introduced and the design and UX would be superior. The design was starting to look a little bit outdated and no new features had been introduced for quite a few months now. Until today.


Introducing the all new STEAMID.CO


New design

STEAMID.CO 2.0 has design that doesn’t distract and is able to gorgeously display all information you need. It looks and acts familliar starting from your very first query. Every page (including the blog) has an entirely different look and feel with much lighter colors and an easier-to-navigate menu. A no-nonse approach.

New features

The backend is built from scratch, allowing more flexibility and expansion capabilities. It’s packed with some awesome new features, too! You can now save profiles for later use. A handy feature that makes quickly finding the Steam ID a piece of cake. The guestbook has been updated too – it is now possible to reply to a comment.

Each profile now has a trust score. The higher the score, the more valuable the account is. Lately a lot of impersonators and scammers are trying to steal due to the massive CS:GO trading hype. Before trading, make sure to quickly check the profile on STEAMID.CO. It will now immediately report any suspicious activity like BAN or SCAM activity, and also display Steamrep information. Each profile also shows some basic statistics like the age of the account.


Thank you T. Vasile for the hard work and dedication on the code of the website. Thank you Ollie for being a bèta tester. If you have any suggestions on how to make STEAMID.CO even better, please let me know. The more feedback, the better it’ll get. Even more new features will definitely be announced in the future.