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So, you’re looking for a STEAM ID?

STEAMID.CO is a Steam ID Finder that can easily help you find any Steam ID. Enter any of the accepted inputs and the system will automatically look up all information you need. On top of that, you can also see other useful information such as a unique trust score. Use it while it’s hot!

Here’s what you can enter:

  1. STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX Steam ID
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/id/<YOURID> Profile URL
  3. 7656119xxxxxxxxxx Steam 64 ID
  4. U:1:xxxxxxxx Steam ID 3
  5. <YOURID> Profile ID

Need more features?

Let’s face it, Steam IDs are pretty boring. Luckily, STEAMID.CO is more than just a Steam ID Converter. Login through Steam and unlock some useful additional features. Save profiles for later use or drop us a line in the guestbook.

New! Trust Score

Not sure whether an account is trustworthy? Each player has a unique Trust Score between 1 and 10, indicating the value of the account based on numerous factors. You will also be warned for suspicious activity, scam records or bans. We just love to make you feel secure.