Frequently Asked Questions


STEAMID.CO is a free tool that allows anyone to quickly find any Steam ID. Enter any of the accepted inputs (profile URL, custom ID, Steam 64 ID, Steam 3 ID) and the system will automatically convert it for you.

How can I find my STEAM ID?

Take a look at this tutorial. It'll guide you through the process, that takes about 3 seconds of your time.

What is the Trust Score?

The Trust Score is a number on a scale from 1 to 10 that estimates the value of a Steam account. This score is calculated based on the account age, previous VAC-, trade-, community- and Steamrep bans, last date online, number of games, playing frequency and amount of friends. The higher the number, the more valuable the account. Private profiles have a score of “N/A”.

What on earth is a Steam ID?

Every account on the Steam platform has its very own unique Steam ID. Yep, yours as well. Look at it as a digital identifier. Servers and software may use it to link your account to player data. A typical game server for example contains a ban- admin- and donatorlist. These lists consist of Steam IDs, just to make sure the correct player gets the permissions.

Help, I enter my nickname but nothing happens

Argh, trouble! Chances are that the system didn’t accept your input. Make sure you are not using a display name (the visible player name of a Steam account) when searching for the Steam ID. Try using the profile URL instead. Still not working? Drop me a line!

Is STEAMID.CO affiliated with Steam?

Nope. STEAMID.CO is a community-made tool that only uses the Steam API to look up player data. This means that it is only powered by Steam.

Can I advertise here?

STEAMID.CO has already happily welcomed almost 500.000 visitors. That’s 45.000 per month. If you are interested in having your own banner featured on the website, feel free to contact Arne at any time.