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a5argent says:

When you make your steam signature generator please add a group signature function as well. Would be much appreciated!

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Hoxtalicous says:


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ItzEdInYourBed says:

I don't know where to leave suggestions but I guess here will work. May you please add support for Observatory bans. Its a Unturned thing. If a player is reported for hacking 16 screenshots are taken and sent to a website were people can vote if he is guilty or not guilty. If guilty he then receives a global ban on the game for every server that uses that plugin. If were to support that it would be lovely because then it also affects the trust score. Here is a link to their website. I hope you can somehow add support for Observatory. Thanks -Ed

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Aqua Akbar says:

How do I find my steam 64 id?

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taco97531 says:

i cant seem to find my steam 64 id,any help would be nice.

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Jeffrey 0980Fort says:


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.OnlyOneCookie says:

Hello! Add for playing! :D

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Manunu says:

Hello & Die!

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Arne says:

Hi there & that is not on my to-do list at the moment!

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Jedh1 says:


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TyranntX says:


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