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TheLaw says:

Awesome website.

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AzureNinja99 says:

It would be cool if we could make those into signatures.

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jakey1995abc says:

Nice site, very detailed results and stylish design :D

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grymb says:

Cool website. Helps a lot!

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tarper24 says:

I run a few steam servers. I will definitely be using this to promote or ban people on my server. Keep up the great work!

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Tomothy37 says:

Tonight... You...

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Fives says:


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Excrementory Grindfucker says:

i like this.

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clone6 says:


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appl3 says:

Very nice, would be cool to have some more features, maybe one click to their wishlist, if there profile is private or not, when they joined, etc. Just some more statistics and such.

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